Christmas Travels

Whether you are driving, flying or taking public transport, travelling is a huge part of the Christmas Season.

Christmas Travels

If you are like me and you live in a different country to where you grew up, you will often find that during the big holidays seasons you will spend the start and end of them travelling.

I used to take the train. I would grab the closest table seat, prop my laptop against the stack of books, pop my earphones in and get through all of that inevitable University work during the 6 hour trip from London to Scotland. When you are deep in study mode or work application mode, you often miss the chance to enjoy the journey. 

When I was in my final year of University, I had a little more money so I would fly or be the passenger in a road trip. Again this was fun, check in and a short flight back up north, call shotgun and control the music. Either way, it was a busy trip with planning, documentation, chatting and often following someone’s schedule.

This year was different. Finally gifted with my own car and my own licence, I decided to do the drive myself. No passenger to chat to, no fellow human to help me, . I felt nervous. 

However, I didn’t realise how much fun it would end up being.

In a busy city like London, it’s difficult to truly find time for yourself. Often what we believe to be relaxation time is taken over by internet scrolling, texting, snapchatting, games or movies. We never really take any time to just relax and listen to our own thoughts.

Driving home for Christmas on Friday, I had that chance. I had made it around the M25 and I was heading north. The road was virtually empty, the sun was out and my car was making the happy purring sound it makes when the road is even and the speed is constant. Something came over me, an urge just to enjoy this moment. I switched off the radio and I just took a moment to appreciate what I could see. Beautiful landscape which often goes unnoticed by rushing commuters, the amazing skyline reaching out in front of me as I drove along the straight sunny road. It was only a moment but it was truly peaceful, just me and my car and my determination to make it north on my own.

I didn’t rush, I didn’t panic, I shook off the London need to be everywhere as quickly as possible and instead took it at a gentle pace for the first time in months.

At this time of year we have a lot to focus on. When are the family arriving? Have I remembered to buy a present for everyone? Where did I leave the scissors? Did we like this cake last year or have I bought the wrong one? Have I left enough time to finish the turkey in between seeing friends and wrapping presents?

This year take a moment to switch off the radio, the tv, the phone, the computer and just sit for a moment. Be it in your car, your house, outside, wherever you are. After the hectic and eventful year of 2017, make sure you give yourself a real moment to breathe before 2018 begins!

Safe journey to wherever you may be going this season and have a very Merry Christmas x

Grace Mc xxx


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  • Emrys Green

    On 25 December 2017, 07:43 Emrys Green Voice Team commented:

    Some excellent advice Grace! I’m definitely going to give this a try :)

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