Neha Lakhanpaul and The Dance Code - MozFest 2017

We're posting up the session plans for the youth led sessions at MozFest 2017

Neha Lakhanpaul and The Dance Code - MozFest 2017

Neha's session will explore the relationship between dance and code and how they share characteristic of method and intuition as well as being fuelled by creative capability and ends.




Warm-up – a quick starter to get everybody ready to move, bring your best dance moves along

Starter activities to learn names, and a few quick facts about each other whilst getting warmed up for the session.

Clean, open space

Discovering Dance – a discussion to engage with and watch examples of cultural, historic and emerging dance forms

Give participants opportunity to share their own knowledge and interactions with dance forms, as well as learn a brief history and context of dance in today's society.

Projector - Powerpoint

Choreography 101 – look at the structures and factors taken into consideration when creating a dance piece

Exploring the correlation between dance and code, identifying key components needed to create a dance.

Pens and paper

Move – as individuals, create a small motif to illustrate a specific word or phrase which the rest of the group will have to try and identify

Each element of a code has a specific meaning or representation, similarly motifs are put together as parts of a dance piece each with their own significance.

Clean, open space

Challenge – split into groups participants will be given a time challenge to put together a short piece of choreography combining their motifs

This challenge will make participants think about how their motifs can be put together, what music it will go with and how to dance as a group, considering space and positioning

Open clean space, speaker

Perform – groups will get a chance to perform their short piece of choreography to each other

Being an audience means being supportive and being inclusive, but also picking up on things to help performers improve. On stage everyone should have the chance to share what they create and be in the spotlight.

Open space, speaker, pens and paper

Question and conclude – questions always provoke thought and help to develop pieces

A chance to understand the different choices groups made in creating their dances, compliment what went well and provide constructive criticism.


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    On 16 November 2017, 10:34 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Woo! Go Neha!

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