Researching Practitioners and Events

About the Convention I attended in order to learn more about the gaming industry.

Over the summer, I researched a few different professional digital artists in the game industry. It was difficult getting responses from them, but I still enjoyed looking at the different artworks. I took interest to a few artists, including Cam Sykes who also has a YouTube channel dedicated to digital art tutorials, Jason Chan - who provided concepts for the Mass Effect franchise, Cedric Peyravernay - whose unique concept art style added uniqueness to the Dishonored universe. I also found an animator called Daniel Tan, and an illustration teacher from Germany who goes by the name Tina Van Pumpkins. I met them both on the 22nd of July, as they both attended a gaming convention in Telford. I had the chance to speak to Daniel, where I asked him how he became as successful as he was. The host of the convention, Jesse Cox, hired him after he posted an original animation on his YouTube channel, which got him noticed. Tina is also a fan of Jesse's content, and has drawn art for Jesse and his colleagues, which I bought and had signed. Both of them spoke about how unique art styles were valuable in the digital art industry, and the confidence to put yourself out there. I really enjoyed being surrounded by other people who were interested in the gaming industry. There were also smaller game developers promoting their new games and ideas. Overall, the trip was incredibly worthwhile.


Harriet Overell

Harriet Overell

I am 17 years old and hope to pursue Video Game Design as a career path. I hope to attend university later this year, and use my place in the game design community to inspire others as much as previous games have inspired me.
(Profile picture is concept art by Cedric Peyravernay)

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 4 October 2017, 09:58 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    This looks so cool! I would love to attend one of these, what was the event called?

  • Harriet Overell

    On 5 October 2017, 16:10 Harriet Overell commented:

    The event was called CoxCon, hosted by a YouTuber I like! It was very enjoyable.

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