The Fate of Trump's Presidency

Donald Trump, with 58 more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton, is now set to be what he calls "a president for all Americans". It makes us wonder what happens now that Trump has been victorious?

The Fate of Trump's Presidency

A candidate running for President of the United States needs to secure 270 (out of 538) electoral college votes- and with 276, Donald Trump is now to govern a Congress fully under Republican control.

His original call to remove all undocumented immigrants from the US has been quietly dropped, and now he's to immediately begin the process of deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records -a route suggested by Mr Trump to be inclusive of "criminals" who had even minor run-ins with the law (such as obtaining a speeding ticket).

It is clear to see that a Trump presidency will result in much change. The traditional Republican path of supporting free trade will be abolished, through forcing China (among other countries) to pay for "the privilege of selling their goods in the United States".

He also holds controversial opinions on legislations and policies supposedly already set in stone- opposing the TPP, for example (Trans-Pacific Partnership). By strongly criticising current American trade deals, he has shown no signs of renegotiation, and he is moving on to abolishing the recently signed contract. The TPP would have seen valuable markets for Australian beef, wheat, dairy industries.

In his triumph, Donald Trump has delivered perhaps the greatest shock to the American system, and has opened doors to an era of extraordinary political uncertainty for the globe. Inherent powers of the President are not specifically listed in the Constitution, but the position of Mr Trump means he will dominate American politics. Despite not governing alone, he will have republican control of the house and senate. His changes are likely to be vast and definitely noticeable. And the truth is that it won't affect only the United States of America.

Since Mr Trump has been elected President, it's also worth considering what this will mean for the UK, and Brexit? The instability of the American Dollar has an impact on the rest of the global economy, and the UK is not exempt. The power of politics come into play in many forms. We can't forget this: the fate of Trump is not to be taken lightly.


  • Luke Taylor

    On 11 November 2016, 10:10 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I don't understand why people have even voted for him in the first place? This year has been terrible.

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