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Summer Term 25.07.17

Throughout their eighth, ninth and tenth sessions our members worked continuously towards their pieces for the showcase. See below for pictures of Juniors and Seniors in rehearsal.




Members then performed their pieces for friends and family in a showcase on Monday 17th July held at the Arena Theatre. We are really proud of all our members for the spectacular pieces of work that they devised.

For their last session our members were treated to a rewards evening as a thank you for all their hard work. Members had fun, pizza and even a visit from a photographer for them to strike a pose. These photos will then be used for advertising the youth theatre to potential new members for an exciting second year of Grand Arena Youth Theatre that will start in September.


Before the tenth session of the term we asked our members for some feedback about their experience at the Grand Arena Youth Theatre over the past term sessions.

Firstly, we asked what new skills our members had gained.

"The ability to show emotions and expressions through movement in a synchronised order. And to work as a group to create a movement pattern that is synchronised." – Junior Member

"I have learned how to show emotion without using word." – Grace (Junior)

"I have gained new skills in physical theatre such as partner sequences and chair duets which has helped my group working skills." – Alice (Senior)

"Wider knowledge of acting e.g. movement specific work when we don't talk to each other." – Scott (Senior)

Secondly, we asked what they enjoyed.

"I have enjoyed the involvement of everyone and the free will to act anything that you think of in any way you like & feels right for the piece." – Junior member

"Spending time with/making new friends." – Charlie (Junior)

"I have really cherished doing such creative work and learning to develop ideas into complex and interesting pieces of theatre. I've also felt very safe and welcome here." – Mary (Senior)

"I have enjoyed creating a play, working on the script and performance & I have enjoyed creating partner sequences as it is something I haven't done before." – Senior member

Third, we asked if there was anything they would like to say about the Grand Arena Youth Theatre.

"I think it is a great and fun opportunity for children and young teens." – Junior member

"I love it." – Grace (Junior)

"The staff are really friendly and creative, and often let you work (almost) independently, allowing us to develop our skills as playwrights/creators, in addition to actors." – Alaina (Senior)

"Works well, every lesson is cool and new & love Alex and Fran's lessons." – Jacob (Senior)

Shout Out!

We would like to take this opportunity to shout out about our members and any other performing arts activities that they take part in outside of the Grand Arena Youth Theatre and let you know about any upcoming performances they are in.

Well done to junior member Charlie who has been working hard toward her BTEC Drama.

Congratulations to senior member Daniel for his success in acting through working for an extras company in TV and film.

All our best wishes and luck to senior member Mary in her application for an audition for a professional performance and in her study's in performing arts at college.

Well done to senior member Jacob who attends Danceforce to learn street dance.

Good luck to senior member Alaina who will be taking part in her school's production of 'Oliver'.

Congratulations to junior member Grace who performed in her year 6 production recently.

Well done to two of our junior members who attend an after-school's speech and drama club at school.

All the best to junior member Holly who is waiting on her Grade 8 Musical Theatre exam results and congratulations on her performance with Lollipop Theatre Arts in the show 'Best of Broadway' where she sang in several songs including a solo and a duet with her younger sister.

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 26 July 2017, 10:14 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Another amazing month for you guys!

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    Hi Luke,
    Thank you for your continued support.

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