'Curing Perfect' - The Interactive Online Graphic Novel

Whilst working your way through the stories, each event had poignant undercurrents of issues surrounding living with disability.

'Curing Perfect' - The Interactive Online Graphic Novel

Walking to 'Curing Perfect - An Interactive Online Graphic Novel', I was somewhat apprehensive. I've very little experience of graphic novels and the impending doom of having to 'interact' with them, it didn't seem like my cup of tea. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by an engaging storyline, a strong message and a simple format.


The piece, called 'Curing Perfect' follows an imperfect creation, getting by in a dystopian city where everyone is perfect. The concept behind the piece came from a question posed from an article posted by Emma Innes. This article provoked Jason Eade, the director of the piece, to ask 'if there was a miracle drug that could cure disability, would you take it?'.


Whilst working your way through the story, each event had poignant undercurrents of issues surrounding living with disability, shown through dialogue, interactive activities or pre-recorded videos. Illustrated wonderfully by Will Hanekom, Curing Perfect is also visually engaging to look at and the quirky designs perfectly complement the piece's peculiar style.

Speaking to the director of the piece, Jason, whilst he gave me a guided tour of the novel, I started to get a sense of the passion behind the project. I could see how important the messages and rhetorics he was trying to portray were and it certainly instilled in me a new perspective around the lives of disabled people.

Unfortunately, I was not able to meet the full team of creatives, but alongside Jason Ease & Will Hanekom are Tina Dickinson, Sarah Gordy­, Becky Bruzas and John Clay.

I daren't spoil anymore! If you'd like to experience the graphic novel then just click here: http://curingperfect.com/ and you can support the organisation behind the piece here: http://www.carousel.org.uk/.


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