Introduction to Digital Art

This is my introduction to Gold Arts Award in which I will be exploring a new art form of my choice. This post will cover the first pieces of work I created.

Current Skills:

  • Traditional art
  • Paint (Acrylic, Watercolour)
  • Pen (Fine liner, biro, markers)
  • Pencil/Tonal
  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Dance (Ballet)
  • Guitar
  • Graphic Design
  • Textiles

New Art Form: Digital Art

In future, I'd like to pursue a career in the gaming industry as a concept artist. Therefore the new art form I will experiment with, and attempt to learn, will be digital art. I may branch out into other industries that require freelance artists also. Although my strengths lie in traditional art, I can apply these skills to digital tools. Currently however, I do not know how to manipulate the tools to create works of art that reach the standard of the concept art industry. I will begin with simple shapes and shading, and grow from there.

As I have yet to buy software that will allow me to sketch freely on a computer, I have practised composition with collage, filters and colour. All pieces were created using secondary images (however the geometric art layered on top is my own) but in future I will use my own photographs and develop them in programs like illustrator or Photoshop. I may use these simple geometric pieces in future. I have saved the templates so I can use them as backgrounds at a later date.


Harriet Overell

Harriet Overell

I am 17 years old and hope to pursue Video Game Design as a career path. I hope to attend university later this year, and use my place in the game design community to inspire others as much as previous games have inspired me.
(Profile picture is concept art by Cedric Peyravernay)

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 22 June 2017, 11:34 Luke Taylor Voice Reporter commented:

    These are amazing!! I love digital art.

  • Bhavesh Jadva

    On 25 June 2017, 15:16 Bhavesh Jadva Voice Team commented:

    Geometric patterns are so stylish in digital art right now. You're really on top of the trend!

  • Harriet Overell

    On 27 June 2017, 16:46 Harriet Overell commented:

    Hi both! Forgive me but I'm not actually sure how to directly reply to messages, but I'd like to say thank you to both of you! You're comments keep me motivated!

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