EU or not the EU

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EU or not the EU

The country has been divided over remaining or leaving the EU. A decision has been made and the Remain side are unhappy and the Leave side happy. But as to the EU Project itself which is trying to bring the people of Europe together to become one the pain of that exercise could if and when it eventually suceeds bring a greater longer lasting peace and equality for all. Fans of the old science fiction classic Star Trek will remember the settings for the future where there is One Earth One People. Inequality, poverty and famine did not exist. The EU Project should be admired for trying to evolve this process into a reality. Many in the UK do not agree that the EU Project is ready for the current enthusiastic rapid progression to achieve this so quickly. Many countries are concerned about their loss of sovereignty to a central European bureaucracy run by people that the people of the 28 member nations no little about. There is probably no way to avoid this but there is as they say good timing for good planning. On this point the open borders for free movement of people would have been totally acceptable if the inequalities that exist so predominantly in the current UK social environment and is probably even much more apparent in many of the other EU member countries was not such a major issue. So many people who feel left behind and ignored who are more concerned about living and getting by from day to day never mind considering or accepting the EU globalisation humanitarian ambitions. The EU says the disenchanted/ fallen behind are a problem caused within the UK and therefore requires managing by the UK political system. Unfortunately they are wrong as this problem exists in many if not all of the 28 member states. If the EU wanted a platform to prove the value to its purpose, the solution or improvements to this problem would win hearts and minds everywhere. This is what should be concentrated upon before not after pushibg for the final stages of unification.

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Rod Booth

Rod Booth

Company Owner and Director


  • Tom Inniss

    On 3 October 2016, 20:07 Tom Inniss Voice Team commented:

    How would you suggest the EU fixes inequality within the member states without further EU law superseding national laws? They could recommend a national living wage but businesses would complain that it makes operating untenable. They could suggest a universal income but it would be resisted by the Governments, who argue it's unaffordable.

  • Emrys Green

    On 15 October 2016, 15:38 Emrys Green Voice Team commented:

    It's a devastating set of affairs and the root of our problems are not just with the EU centralisation, and not just with UK government. Its the collective misunderstandings, the differing view points and maybe even the strive for equality in the werong directions. Equality doesn't mean equity or acceptance unfortunately.

  • Rod Booth

    On 15 October 2016, 16:45 Rod Booth commented:

    We have a National Minimum wage program in the UK which is being accelerated but root causes of inequality go beyond this. The balance between social and commercialism is at the heart of the problem. It is strange how for example the SNP want a complete devolution from the rest of the UK citing that it would better for Scotland to have sovereignty over its own affairs but the very same people are now using the Brexit argument for independence in the hope of remaining under the sovereignty of the EU.

  • Luke Taylor

    On 3 November 2016, 11:31 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Ooh politics! I like :)

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