GE17: Why your vote counts

'It doesn't make any difference'…'They're all the same'

GE17: Why your vote counts

Actually, that's not the case. There was a time when things were clearcut. People often voted the same way as family or friends or workmates – and some felt it was a waste of time, believing that politicians always ignore ordinary people's wishes once in power.

Now the political landscape is changing fast, and there's every reason to make your mark on that ballot paper, especially if you're a first or second time voter. A million young people under 25 have registered to vote since Theresa May called the election on 18 April. You're a powerful group who could make a real mark on this election, which is why the media is running around trying to work out both how and whether you're actually going to vote!

Can you make a difference? YES

Look at the big unpredicted shifts in the past two years – Jeremy Corbyn voted in as Labour leader by local Labour Party members not MPs or unions; Bernie Sanders attracts huge support during the US Election campaign when he champions change to wage inequality and challenges the rich; then the Brexit referendum, decided by voters outside cities who want something different; finally the biggest populist victory of all, Donald Trump becomes POTUS on the back of ordinary people turning out to vote in droves.

It doesn't matter which of these leaders you admire, or whose mission you believe in – the fact is that these people have inspired votes, and those votes have put them into an entirely new and unexpected place.

So don't think you can't affect the outcome – you absolutely can. And if you're under 25, vote for your own future! Don't let the middle-aged and 60+ decide it for you – they won't be around to see it through.

Undecided which way to vote? Voice is here to help you make up your mind:

Take a good look at Voice's manifesto comparison to find out what each party says – they're no way the same.

Read about the issues young people care about in our Election 2017 coverage and decide which party tackles them best.

Blog about your own concerns – we'll promote your voice.

Check out whether you could vote tactically where you live to increase the chances of a candidate you could live with:

Above all, vote with hope – it's the only way of imagining and creating a better world.


Diana Walton

Diana Walton Voice Team

I'm the director of Upstart Projects which supports the Voice Team and other young creatives to run great projects. Proud to have been involved with Arts Award since it was a twinkle in the eye, and to watch it build many young people's brilliant artistic and leadership skills. And now we can shout about these on Arts Award Voice!

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 7 June 2017, 11:00 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    It's so easy for young people to be turned off by politicians that serve the few over the many, which adds to a negative cycle in my opinion. Now is the chance to make them listen!

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