Cover to cover: How to make the best summer reading list

Every summer there are hundreds of lists of recommended summer reads, or perfect books for the beach. While I love a good recommendation, I also like making my own summer books bucket list.

Cover to cover: How to make the best summer reading list

If you are looking forward to a summer of reading, check out my tips for making the perfect holiday list:

What's your summer going to be like?

If you are super busy you might want to think about some short stories or novellas that you can read in between plans - those big books end up just sitting there on busy holidays - but if you have long stretches with nothing to do then take something which you can get lost in.

Take a trip to the library

Long lists get expensive, so a trip to the library can be a great way to discover new reads and get some recommendations for free! You can also take a few more risks if you're not splashing out. Plus, every little helps to keep your library alive and kicking.

Going on holiday? Read a local author

If you are going on holiday abroad why learn a little bit about the culture? Reading a novel set in the destination can help you more fully experience the place, bonus points if it is written by a local author too.

Easy reads

Summer is a time for relaxation so crack out the predicable murder mysteries, or take a trip down memory lane with your favourite childhood books. It is the perfect time to indulge in your guilty pleasure, whatever that may be.

Plan practically

Make a game plan: light or e-books for travelling, heavy books for home. If you can cope with it, it can be handy to have two on the go at once, then you are never left without a read.

Fit your mood

Day dreaming about a holiday? Then pick a road trip novel. Getting restless over the break? Dive into an adventure tale. If it is hot and sunny (or you want it to be) you will be much more keen on reading about modern or adventurous places - leave Victorian London til Christmas time.

New Releases

Last year when Go Set a Watchman was released, I was not only first in line, but had re-read To Kill a Mockingbird, and it wouldn't surprise me if there are a lot of Harry Potter fans doing the same right now. Keep an eye out for new releases that you are desperate for and factor them into your summer.

Read a series

Summer reading is for escapism - so what better time than the holidays to dive into a series? This way you can read one right after the other, instead of life getting in the way.


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