Ladybyrd Returns With Her New Single, 'Kissing Undercover'

London-based singer-songwriter Ladybyrd returns with her new single, 'Kissing Undercover', a mesmerising track that captures the essence of sleepless nights, hidden love, and the longing for simple romance.

Ladybyrd Returns With Her New Single, 'Kissing Undercover'

This third single from her forthcoming debut album, due for release in early 2025, features the dynamic beats of Rudimental drummer Beanie, adding an explosive energy to the song. In 'Kissing Undercover', Ladybyrd creates a poignant narrative about the heartache and turmoil of a secret romance. The song vividly paints a picture of sleepless nights and hidden love, capturing the longing for the simplicity of romance often portrayed in movies.

Speaking about 'Kissing Undercover', Ladybyrd shares, “‘Kissing Undercover’ is a super fun track - it’s the first song I wrote for my album. I wanted to make music that reflected the struggles I had been through over the last two years, and I wanted the production to be bold, moving and cinematic. Each track on the album narrates a distinct story or captures a fragment of a broader one, all within a cinematic pop soundscape that I hope will engage listeners, connect with them and move them on a personal level. I’m excited to share it with you, it’s finally time.”

Ladybyrd’s journey has been marked by serendipitous encounters and collaborations with notable figures in the entertainment industry, including a chance meeting with Tom Cruise that led to a discussion about her love for film scores and an upcoming collaboration with the Mission Impossible composer. As she prepares for the release of her debut album, Ladybyrd’s fans eagerly anticipate what’s next. Ladybyrd is poised to enchant the pop landscape and beyond, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting her next release.

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