Good Wilson releases laid-back new track "Plenty"

Austrian band Good Wilson releases new track 'Plenty' ahead of UK shows.

Good Wilson's new single 'Plenty' is a breath of fresh air, offering a much-needed dose of laid-backness and chill vibes in a world that often feels too hectic. With its catchy indie pop melodies and deep lyrics full of unexpected twists and turns, 'Plenty' is the perfect embodiment of Good Wilson's signature sound.

The lyrics encourage listeners to reflect on the true meaning of abundance and to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. As the lyrics muse, "Is a glass of gold ever half empty, when it belongs to those who have Plenty?" Good Wilson invites us to let go of our worries and enjoy the ride.

The retro music video that accompanies the track adds to the feel-good vibes, transporting us back in time to a simpler era. The single is released just in time for Good Wilson's gigs at The Great Escape this year, where fans can experience the band's infectious energy and unique sound live.

If you're looking for a song to listen to while on a sunny ride, Good Wilson got you covered and will run over all your worries with love.

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Header Image Credit: Tiemo Frantal + Matthäus Jandl


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