Jody Bigfoot teams up with John Dole on new single 'Brush Strokes'

Jody Bigfoot just returned with the new single "Brush Strokes" ahead of the EP release.

After being forced to release his biggest project, "Duszt", online due to the pandemic, Jody Bigfoot went on a hiatus as the experience left him feeling off, and he struggled to maintain the same level of creative output. Despite the setback, Jody continued to work on various projects throughout 2020. Now, with a renewed sense of energy, he is set to release a series of EPs in 2023. The first of these EPs is a three-track collaboration with John Dole, a rising artist in the hip-hop and electronic scenes.

The first track on Jody Bigfoot's upcoming EP, titled "Brush Strokes," takes listeners on a journey through the creative process and the influence of culture and soul on art. The song features a custom-crafted instrumental by John Dole that showcases Bigfoot's unique style and voice. Throughout the track, Bigfoot uses wordplay to pay tribute to artistic friends who passed away and to explore his own struggles with ADHD and trauma. He acknowledges how these issues have led him to turn to art and ganja as a distraction, and how even after processing traumas, dreams can still trigger PTSD. The song ends with a call to action for all artists, especially those who create radical art, to continue creating and preserving history before it is erased by those in power.

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