What makes a good arts leader?

Meet Rainbow, an arts leader with many great qualities. Rainbow would like to work with you on a quick 15 minute exercise to get you thinking about what qualities you think you should have as an arts leader.

Meet Rainbow. Rainbow is a great arts leader. Awesome, in fact. They know when to help others, when to demonstrate things and when to leave a conversation open. Their participants always feel welcome and accepted and able to experiment with learning new things. Rainbow has all the attributes of an awesome arts leader. What do you think they are? 


Now it’s your turn!

What would you add or take away from Rainbow to create your ideal arts leader?

Spend 15 minutes making your own awesome arts leader and the qualities you think they should have. 

You could do this:

  • using Canva.com to create a digital persona

  • by drawing or painting your dream arts leader

  • by playing ‘pin the tail on the arts leader’ and sticking the different qualities to a cut-out of the person you’ve created. 

  • sticking post-it notes to the wall around an image that represents your dream arts leader

Would you include any of the following qualities? 

  • Open-minded

  • Good listener

  • Inclusive 

  • Organised

  • Great planner

  • Creative 

  • Knows their craft well

  • Willing to learn 

  • Risk-taker 

  • Embraces the uniqueness of themselves

  • Good observer 

  • Loves collaborating 

  • Able to adapt their approach to suit different learners

Share your dream arts leader with Voice mag. 


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