Boston rock band Benmozes release debut album 'IMMIGRANT'

Benmozes, Boston rock band, has arrived with their electrifying debut album 'IMMIGRANT', a 10-track odyssey that takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of explosive riffs, dark melodic rock and roll, and a bold commentary on life in our modern age.

Boston rock band Benmozes release debut album 'IMMIGRANT'

The album showcases the band's versatility and range, with the rebellious anthem 'IMMIGRANT' and the haunting, six-minute epic 'OMINOUS'. The ballad 'AS MEMORY FADES' brings a glimmer of hope with its radiant melodies, while 'SHE'S THE WAVE', one of the band's hit singles, demonstrates their ability to craft mood-altering tunes with a punchy beat.

Drawing inspiration from Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, and cleopatrick, Benmozes blends classic Boston sounds with their own modern twist, creating a unique and unforgettable rock experience. With well over 1 million streams across their releases, the band — consisting of vocalist/guitarist Amit Ben-Moshe, lead guitarist Neil O'Connor, bassist Mike Burke, and drummer Cole Calise — is already making waves in the music world.

‘IMMIGRANT’ takes listeners on a journey through the complexities of modern life, from the scepticism of 'FAKE' to the relationship between a man and time in 'ABOUT TIME'. The album reaches its crescendo with the intense and intimate 'WAITING FOR GOOD LUCK TO COME', a powerful statement from a band that is poised for greatness.

Benmozes embodies the raw energy of Boston and is ready to make its mark on the music world with their unique sound and impressive debut album. 'IMMIGRANT' is a must-listen for fans of rock and roll who are looking for something fresh and exciting.

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