Is this place a recording studio now?

I guess I'm a part-time sound engineer! Mr Dunson and I worked together to record lots of different instruments to create our own version of the Spin Doctors classic Two Princes.

Is this place a recording studio now?

The music block at school is now officially a recording studio, as I have been using a music technology program called BandLab to create my own version of Two Princes by Spin Doctors. Because I had made an AI-generated drum track, I had originally planned to make my own guitar and bass tracks with an AI-generated guitar and bass, but I was only a music tech beginner and I didn't like how they originally turned out, so I got rid of those tracks and replaced them with tracks that used a real guitar and bass. This is where things get real.

Me and Mr Dunson supplied ourselves with an interface and amplifier. He first picked up a bass and started playing the bassline for Two Princes. I then checked the track carefully, made some tweaks and edits, and I was eventually satisfied with the track, so we moved on to the guitar track. Mr Dunson grabbed a guitar and played the melody, and I did some edits like last time. I edited the recording until I was happy with it. 

In the end, it did turn out to be very short with no vocals or anything, but in the future I might it longer, change the lyrics and turn it into a video game-related parody song. To listen to it, click here.

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Gus Payne

Gus Payne

I'm Gus. I'm a (pretty tall) Year 10 student who is studying art, photography and music. I’m doing the Bronze and Silver levels in the Arts Award for music. Here, you can see blog posts on what I do in those music lessons I have with my good friends.

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