How to get exposure as an artist

A step-by-step guide to help you get discovered.

How to get exposure as an artist

Creating a masterpiece is every creative's dream. But once this dream has become a reality, the creators' next question is “How do I get people to see and experience my work?” Luckily because of the digital age, being seen by the right people starts with the device in your hand. Of course, the digital space isn’t the only place an audience should see your work so, keep reading to learn more about how to show up in the right physical spaces too:

#1 Create a website and let your work be seen online 

Whether you’re a visual artist, writer, or poet, think of your website as your online stage. It’s the digital arena where your audience can truly experience you and your work. The greatest part about creating a website as a creative is it can be an extension of your artistic expression. So don’t be scared to have fun and make it as unique as your work. Here are 3 key elements your website should have: 

  • Your current work 

This is where you add your masterpieces and all the work you’ve poured time into. 

Pro tip: Remember not to put every single piece of work you’ve ever created on your website. It should be intentional and tell a story.

  • Work curated for specific clients 

Is there an art exhibition, music festival, or film festival you’re keen to be part of? Create a piece of work that aligns with the theme and specifications of that exhibition, festival, client, or organisation. Think of it as the work you’d create for your dream client. 

  • Reviews

Get reviews from events where you’ve showcased your work. This is a simple yet powerful way to earn credibility and communicate the impact of your work without saying it yourself. Even if you're starting out, reviews from friends, peers, and small events are still impactful. 

Free website hosting platforms: 


#2 Go where your audience is 

Put yourself out there. Find the right spaces where there’s an audience that loves the type of work you produce. If you’re a poet go to poetry slams. Singer? Go to open mic sessions. And if you’re a visual artist, find a gallery that gives indie artists free exhibition days. Showing up where your audience is to stand out in a place where people are looking for you. 

#3 Network

Being in the right spaces with the right people is a great chance to connect and be part of a community of like-minded people. A network will give you access to platforms where you can showcase your work. Digitally, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are tools you can use to build and grow a digital network. Start by following the right people, leaving meaningful comments on their posts, and sending direct messages introducing yourself and what you do. 

Pro tip: Use your social platforms to showcase your work. Include the link to your website, and share videos of your performances or exhibitions. 

#4 Get a mentor

A mentor can help you improve your craft, hold you accountable and introduce you to their larger network. While growing your discoverability is important, how you’re seen is the first thing to consider. A mentor can help you curate your work, help you write an attractive artist bio and you give you real-world tips on how to put together a portfolio or website. 

Now that you know how to get exposure and be noticed as a creative artist, we can’t wait to see your name in lights! Remember that your website is your online portfolio, and there are free resources to get you started. Show-up in the real world too, and be part of a community or organisation that will support your creative pursuits. Find the right person to guide you and you are sure to be unstoppable! 

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Storm Green

Storm Green

Storm Cecile is an international spoken word poet who helps brands share meaningful stories and messages with their clientele through performance poetry. Her work is commissioned by companies who would like produced poetry videos, or live performances. Her work has been praised by past clients, including, Kugali, Ruka Hair, Biblica and Christian Aid to name a few. You can find out more about her at!

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