Colombian superstar Angélica López releases new EP 'C'est la Vie'

The most recent record production 'C'est la Vie', a genuine allegory to enjoyment composed by the talented and versatile Angélica López has just been released worldwide.

It is an exquisite auditory piece, composed by Angélica herself, that emerged from the pandemic-induced isolation, and constitutes a hymn of joy and hope in times of adversity. It is also a tribute to cumbia, the mother of Colombian rhythms, with a combination of native sounds.

This song was born on one of Angélica's trips to France and motivated by her experiences whilst spending time in the country. The connection is reflected in the song title in French: 'C'est la Vie', emphasizing life, full of joy and love.

The notable presence of Wesli, a renowned Haitian Canadian musician and winner of the Juno Award for World Music Album and the excellent gaita player Mayté Montero, of relevant prominence in the discography life of Carlos Vives, are both significant to the new release.

'C'est la Vie', in addition to radiating joy, gives the title to the EP, a record work made up of six songs, all full of cadence and musical variety, as Angélica, the singer-songwriter from Cartagena with brilliant luminosity, has accustomed us to. Angélica flies the colours of her country and stands as an authentic ambassador of Colombian folklore in Europe, where she has lived for several years, spreading her art.

Cartagena, Angélica’s birthplace, is praised in this production with a piece that emerged from the depths of her entrails: ‘Cartagena unplugged’. It was born as a hymn to the so-called 'Heroic City'.  The record production includes another, more instrumented version of Cartagena that fuses electronic accents and current contemporary vibes that generate a very modern sound, but with that unique feeling and flavour, so typical of Angélica.

The contribution of maestro Julio Ernesto Estrada, Fruko, is essential in this production. He got his hands on it, in the arrangements, together with the Peruvian composer Gustavo Alcantara in 'No soy un papel', a heartfelt work by Angélica López in which feminist power abounds. It is a song that her author defines as biographical. It tells, with sweetness, the hardness of the abuse and mistreatment of many women, including the contribution of Kanti Quena, a renowned Peruvian artist, and performer of the quena now residing in London

The most difficult and raw of the compositions that Angélica López has produced for this release is 'Miedo’, also including biographical elements.

“All of us, directly or indirectly, have been affected by the scourge of violence,” says Angélica, who was barely 12 years old when part of her paternal family was forced to flee due to the rigours of the armed conflict in Colombia. The song is inspired by those who have no voice, those who must leave everything for irrational wars. Camilo Menjura, a skilled guitarist from Bogota, also living in London, worked on the arrangements of this heartfelt bambuco that highlights the Andean part of the beautiful country that is Colombia.

The record features special guests, 'Mav Dúo', a Colombian duo of harp and cello make their sublime delivery, as well as the bass drum, handled by Boris Caicedo, currently artistic director of Angélica.

Mexico, a country for which Angélica professes great affection and admiration, is present in the song 'Bien padre', authored by the artist from Cartagena, with arrangements by maestro Fruko, who suggested paying homage to the Aztec country, with the use of some expressions of Mexican slang, nuanced with the sound of cumbia as it is performed in the country. 'Bien padre' is nothing other than something 'Cool', as the artist expresses it.

In the preparation of the six songs that make up this EP, the contribution, in the production, of the percussionist, clarinettist, workshop facilitator and music producer from Cordoba (Colombia) Dany Garcés, twice nominated for the Latin Grammy Award and catalogued as one of the best drummers of Colombia gives it a very high level of guarantee. We can only savour this, an authentic musical banquet served to fully enjoy it. Bon Appetite!

Angelica’s new EP is now available on Spotify and you can keep up with her latest news via social media on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

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