Music Industry: Tyler Baker Bassist for Let The Madness Begin

Ex members of Kremated and Darkeye come together to form an extreme metal band inspired by 80's thrash, 90's alternative, 00's progressive 

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Tyler Baker's current setup:


  • Ampeg SVT-7 Pro
  • Ampeg BA-110 V2
  • Peavy Mark 3 Bass XP Series
  • Carlsbro bassline 80

Bass Cabs:

  • Ampeg SV7-410HE


  • Line 6 Bogner Valve HD100 MK2

Interview Q&A

1. What musician do you admire the most and why?

Cliff Burton, the bassist of Metallica.

2. What is your main inspiration?

I like making people happy, so they can express their emotions when listening to our music. A river of emotions.

3. Best performance?

All my performances have a lot more potential.

4. Worst performance?

There's no such thing as worst performance, everyone does art in their own way.

5. Interets other than music?

I'm a very simple person, so that would be IT.

6. Tell me how you would interact and respond to fans?

The world isn't a great place, so making them smile from my music is what I aim to do.

7. Advice for someone following in your footsteps?

Just don't be scared of people.

8. How do you overcome performance anxiety?

I feel the songs everytime I am up on stage.

9. If you had one message to give to your fans, what would that be?

It doesn't matter what makes you happy, as long as you are happy. Fuck what everyone else thinks and do you.

10. What do you feel is the best song released?

Cliff Burton, for whom the bell toll's - Metallica

Tyler's website:

Header Image Credit: Let The Madness Begin


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