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I have learnt that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them because when I performed, I accidently said a part of the wrong line but I covered it up well and none of the audience seemed to notice. The thing I would like to improve in future shows is line learning and character development much earlier, because firstly it is then out of the way and you can focus on getting more natural and keep developing your skills and getting more relaxed and really going into more depth about your character, and secondly, I would feel an extreme amount more confident with what I am doing throughout the play. To conclude I loved taking part in “The IT” and have learnt a lot from it and can take that learning into future productions.  I enjoyed going to rehearsals and making new friends as well as contributing my ideas and having people expand on them, to improve them and make the best possible outcome for the performance. A thing I found challenging was that the venue we were performing in cancelled our time slot for a dress rehearsal and tech rehearsal so we just had to do as much as we could on the day, we arrived an extensive time earlier than the performance was due to start therefore we could have lengths of time to practise in the space. Another thing I found challenging, was learning the chorus lines, because the chorus is kind of like a narrator although they don’t tell more about the story, they give us more information about why Grace may be suffering from this “thing” growing inside of her, the reason why I found this so challenging was because they are very much off topic of the scene, for instance, Grace and her friend Sam were having a conversation when all of a sudden the chorus is talking about what is on the TV that Grace glanced over at once or twice, also how randomly placed the lines are, didn’t help me remember them very much, although the play runs smoothly.

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isabelle botterill

isabelle botterill

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