Your feedback on the Arts Award Voice Hubs

Your feedback on the Arts Award Voice Hubs

We've completely redesigned the Bronze and Silver Hubs on Voice and we're inviting you to give us your feedback. The hubs offer you ideas and inspiration to help you complete your Arts Award and you can find out exactly what you need to do for each section. We'd love you to check out the new look and features and tell us what you think. (You'll need to log in to view them)

Take a look at Bronze Arts Arts Award Hub

Take a look at Silver Arts Award Hub

New Gold hub coming soon! 

So, what exactly is an Arts Award Voice hub? 

The hubs are designed to offer a mix of support and inspiration. They don’t, of course, replace the role of your Arts Award adviser, but they do provide a framework for tasks, checklists and ideas which you can use to plan your work and build your portfolio. 

Each hub has two sections: 

Get Inspired streams a wide range of fresh content relevant to that level, including stories from participants, how-to guides, interviews with artists and portfolio examples. 

What To Do takes you through the award in detail, explaining how each part or unit works and providing links to other helpful guides.

To use the hubs, advisers and young people need to create a profile on Voice and sign in. If you're under 13 you'll need to confirm that your parents have approved you to use the platform. Don't worry, Voice is not a social networking site and no private messaging is possible. All content and comments are public and checked by the Voice Team.


We’re excited about the new hubs and we want to make sure they're as useful for you as possible. Please take a look around them, then answer a few short questions in this survey. The form is embedded below, but if that doesn't work for you, you can get to it via this link.

If you have any questions or would prefer to comment on email you can message Voice's Arts Editor, Nici on [email protected]