Write a blog or make a vlog

Write a blog or make a vlog

You can use a blog or a vlog on Voice to describe what you did for parts of your Arts Award or to share your opinions.

For Bronze Part D 'arts skills share' you could record what skill you shared and how well people thought it went

For Silver Unit 1C 'reviewing arts events' you could record a video review of a performance you saw

For Gold Unit 1D, 'form and communicate a view' you could post your opinion piece and ask others to comment on your views.

Voice has plenty of great examples to help you in your own Arts Award journey

Do you want some advice on sharing your arts skill? Check out what this article from Genevieve Rudd, who gives some top tips on how to run successful arts skills sharing workshops and what to do when it doesn't go to plan. 

Want to see how you can use Voice for your Silver Arts Award? Erin Lawley reviewed the Media Networks exhibition at Tate Modern and blogged about it.

Here’s a Gold opinion piece from Ella Jarman, who explored what support the arts industry offers people dealing with mental health problems. 

Check out Arts Award blogs from other young people here: https://www.voicemag.uk/artsaward/blogs

Want some tips on writing a good blog?  
Here’s some ideas from Josh Gould on writing an opinion piece in under 500 words. 

Prefer to make a short video?   
Over on Voice magazine we have lots of ideas for making your own media: take a look

Or check out advice from well-known vlogger Rants n Bants!